How do I get a library card?

- Please bring your student card/staff card or identity card to the Circulation counter to make register. After registration, you will be invited to attend an orientation section and then get the library card. You will use the library card for using all library services including borrowing materials, internet access, using study rooms, making photocopy. In addition, you can use this card for using other libraries in VNU-HCM Library Network.

Who can get a library card?/Who is eligible for library usage?

- Every student, faculty, researcher and staff of VNU-HCM is eligible for getting a library card. People from other organizations can also register for a library card if needed.

What do I do when I lost my library card?

- Please report to the library staff at the Circulation counter as soon as you find out your card is lost and ask for issue a new card with the same user number as in your lost card.

What is the fee for a library card?

- If you are a member of VNU-HCM:

  • Fee for the card issue and one year usage: 45.000 VNĐ
  • Fee per year for the usage onward: 15.000 VNĐ

 - If you are not a member of VNU-HCM:

  • Fee for the card issue and one year usage: 95.000 VNĐ
  • Fee per year for the usage onward: 80.000 VNĐ

- In case your library card is lost, the fee for re-issue: 35.000 VNĐ (for both members and non-members of VNU-HCM)

Can I give someone my library card?

- Definitely do not give your card to others. This point is clearly stated in the library regulations (please see in the verso side of your library card)

How long is the activation period of my library card?

- Your card expires after a year from the issue day and you can renew it. However, a temporary card expires after 6 months and cannot be renewed.


Is there a limit to the amount of books I can check out and to the period of time I can keep them?

- You can check out 3 books for one time and keep them for 14 days in maximum. However, you can renew via website if needed to keep the books for longer. For detail guidance, please see Borrowing policy.

What do I need if I lost or damaged or wetted a library book?

- You need to buy the same book for replacement, plus a processing fee 50.000VNĐ and overdue fine if any. If you cannot buy the same book, the replacement cost is 10 times the amount of the book price, plus a processing fee 50.000VNĐ and overdue fine if any.


How can I find the materials in the Library?

- The online catalogs will tell you whether the book is available in the Library. From the library website, click on Catalogs and search the book by its subject or title or author…

- You can find the needed books in the stacks on the second and third floors. The books are arranged on the shelves according to Dewey classification system (see the instruction in front of the shelves).

How do I get assistance for information searching in the Library?

- Please contact the library staff at the “Q&A” counter.

Does the Library provide information services to assist doing research?

- Please contact the library staff at  “Q&A” counter or in the Reference room, or make a phone to 37242160-2935, or email to phucvu@vnuhcm.edu.vn

How do I know whether the Library has  journals?

- The online catalogs or online databases will tell you whether your needed journals are available in the Library. You can also ask the library staff in the Periodical room or look for the journals on the shelves in this room.

What do I do when I need archive journals?

- Current issues of journals and newspapers are available on the shelves in the periodical room. For the archive journals, please contact library staff in this room.

How are books arranged in the Library?

- All books in the Library are arranged by subjects which following to the Dewey Classification system. The instruction of the system is available in front of each shelve.

Can I, by myself choose books on the stacks and return them to the shelves after use?

- You can take the books from the shelves on your own and read them at the reading areas. After reading, please do not shelve them but put them on the book return shelves. 

Who do I contact when I have a question?

- Please contact the library staff at the Circulation counter or “Q&A” counter.

What do I need when finding out that some pages of the borrowed materials are lost or damaged?

- Please immediately inform a library staff otherwise you may be charged for this damage.

Can I make photocopy in the Library?

- You can make photocopy but you should follow the Intellectual Property Law and photocopy instructions. You can ask for assistance if needed.

What do I do if the material I need is already checked out?

- You can put a hold on the material via website. When the material is returned, it will be reserved for you at the Circulation counter. 

What do I do when the online catalog shows the availability of   the material but it is not on the shelves?

- Please ask the library staff at the Circulation counter for assistance. The material you need may be in use currently by someone in the Library.

How do I make a study room reservation?

- You can make a reservation via website or at the Circulation counter.

What should I do if I have some comments or suggestions?

- You are most welcome. Please email your suggestions to phucvu@vnuhcm.edu.vn or write them down in the feedback book which is available in front of the Periodical room. 

How do I get internet access at the Library?

- You can get internet access by using the computers in our 2 Labs. You also can get wireless access for your laptop for free in the Library. Please contact the library staff in the E-resources room for instruction.

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