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Warmly greetings to the users!

The Library Network of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City is composed by The Central Library and member university libraries. The Library Steering Board directs the Network and the Central Library plays role as the regulator of the Network.

Our missions are to serve the scientific information needs to all staffs and students, support the University in enhancing the quality of learning, teaching and research, and contribute to the development of the university library community of Vietnam.The Network’s collections include all kinds of materials. Print collections are managed by each member library but serve in place or via inter library loan service to all users of the University. Online Databases serve all users in campuses and from a distance. Up-to-date applications are installed and adequate facilities are provided to help users exploit resources more conveniently and effectively.

Open and friendly space in all member libraries supports and encourages learning as well as social activities. Particularly, we provide research support, learning guidance to users, and other services to help users develop their research and scholarly literacy skills.